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    We do not transport goods, we transport solutions

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    We move the business that moves the world

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    A power house driven by a culture of excellence

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    Shipping Magnate For Best Practices, People And Profit

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    We innovate without waiting and deliver without boundaries.

Darya - An Overview

"An ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18000 certified company, registered with TMSA"

A 100+ year old new company

Darya is a shipping solution company ready to set sail from existing business in India and expand internationally.

We are consolidating at every level including ship aggregation, best practices, attracting talent, empowering people, connecting with new partners and innovations, for the best interest of stake holders and business associates.

Our engine of delivery is propelled by a triple bottom line result – SATISFACTION, PERFORMANCE and PROFIT.

The Saga Of Darya's Logo And Flag.

Symbol of Responsibility, Integrity, Transparency & Excellence

Darya's Logo is represented by the NORTH STAR over the text DARYA which means the Sea. The North Star and the Sea has a symbiotic relationship in terms of maritime, corporate and human consciousness.

MARITIME: Long associated with Navigation, the North Star has been a guiding light for sailors.

CORPORATE: Steadfast, focussed and goal-oriented that leads to consistent and constant growth.

CONSCIOUSNESS: At a human level an alignment with nature and the universe.

Our Flag is represented by our Logo and four stars depicting our RITE values which are Responsibility, Integrity, Transparency and Excellence.

What we do?

Technical Management

Darya's technical management services are led by a team of highly experienced and dedicated marine professionals. The technical team comprise of master mariners, chief engineers and supported by electrical engineers and...

Crew Management

Darya's crew management services are headed by a well trained and experienced team who believe that seafarers are the backbone of the shipping industry. At Darya the seafarers' interest and welfare is paramount...

Commercial Management

Darya's commercial management team constitutes embedded professionals and domain experts with extensive domestic and international experience in ship chartering and broking. With the help of renowned channel partners...

Other Services
  • Specialized Chemical Tanker Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Demolition Voyage Management
  • Stores & Spare Supplies